The teaching of music that educates people in musical knowledge, listening to themselves and to each other.
The Education courses are open to all those interested in learning about music in general or learning to play an instrument.

Group classes


  • PreMusica is a course for expectant mothers. Already in the gestation period, unborn babies begin to perceive the outside world and develop their auditory system. The course aims to develop a musical ear through conscious listening exercises that stimulate the auditory system.
  • PrimaMusica is a course aimed at the 0-2 age group. Accompanied by an adult, children experience sound games that guide them in their discovery of the musical world.
  • GiocoMusica is a course aimed at the 3-5 age group. Together with the teacher, the children take their first steps towards getting to know the musical world. Small musical instruments are used to encourage social interaction and listening to oneself and to others.


  • Avviamento allo strumento is a theoretical-practical approach to the instrument that aims to create small instrumental ensembles in which, with the support of a teacher, the first steps are taken towards a deeper knowledge of playing together.
  • Strumentiamoci is a group course aimed at children aged 5/6 who play the same instrument (violin, piano, percussion, drums, accordion and many others). It aims to facilitate instrumental learning. The teacher supervises small groups of students who learn to play not only by following the teacher’s instructions, but also and above all by helping each other.


  • AltraMusica  is a theoretical-practical group course for several students playing different instruments. It aims to develop listening and interaction skills by teaching how to play together in small and large musical groups (e.g. ensembles, orchestras, bands, etc.).
  • Individual instrument lessons (violin, piano, percussion, drums, accordion and many others) are recommended from the age of 6/7. Lessons include individual discussion with the teacher.


  • Digital music (online only) aimed at students aged 12 and over, the course is designed for anyone wishing to learn how to create their own music using software. The course does not require musical knowledge of any kind. The lessons will be online.
  • Music therapy: this course sees the use of music and sounds in general for rehabilitation, educational and therapeutic purposes. The course is structured together with the student according to their individual needs.


The teaching of music with direct reference to the training of future professionals in the artistic field.
Training courses are recommended for people who already have musical knowledge and wish to improve it in order to pursue a career in the artistic-musical field.

  • Seminars – there are seminars of varying lengths throughout the year on different topics. The seminars will focus on general interest subjects (e.g. music pedagogy, music psychology, anatomy and many others).
  • Workshops – appointments that focus on instrumental practice and take place on one or more days during the year, with special guests.

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