IAAMS (Italian Academy for Arts, Music and Science) is an association of social promotion.

Our mission is to spread artistic and musical culture through a vertically structured didactic offer able to cover all age groups.
Our courses in both the Education and Training areas are based on scientific research in order to develop the aptitudes and personalities of our students to the maximum.

The aims of IAAMS

  • To promote a broad musical culture accessible to all.
  • To spread a methodological idea that combines science and art through research and experimentation in new forms of education.
  • To develop musical growth by encouraging professional exchanges both nationally and internationally.


President – Patrizia Scarano
Secretary – Claudia Iorio
Treasurer – Roberto Corda

Founding Members

Patrizia Scarano
Gustavo Britos
Claudia Iorio

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Carlo Iorio
Flavia Mascolo