At IAAMS we offer a pathway to personal and professional growth by offering two different types of pathway: Education and Training.

All our courses are the result of acquired experience and careful observations rooted in the idea of integrating science with the practice of musical and artistic teaching in general.

Our methodology:

  • Musical languages is a methodological idea proposed by Patrizia Scarano, which suggests developing musical knowledge through the filter of technical-specific languages (verbal, bodily, graphic, sound, singing, emotional). From this point of view, man becomes a “musical instrument” and music a compelling process that develops all the intellectual and psycho-physical elements of the individual.
  • The Thematic Units are an idea of Maestro Gustavo Britos who, through research in the pedagogical and didactic field, develops a didactics that takes into account the motivations that support study as an engine to promote learning that is well suited to individual needs.

All of this is carried out by teachers who, with passion and dedication, strive for quality.